Thursday, December 28, 2006

Underwater Sculpture Gallery - Grenada

Underwater Sculpture Gallery - Grenada

Steel and concrete sculptures that become artificial reef syestems off the coast of Grenada. Much care was taken to find a location where this sculpture garden would not only not harm the environment, but enhance it by luring people away from areas overused by water sports and creating artificial reef structures. The site details the process of creating and placing the different sculptures and has many images. I love the idea of diving around sculpture giving the viewer an even more three dimensional view than usual (particularly at this scale).

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Happy Holidays 2006

Happy Holidays 2006
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Wishing you and yours all the best now and throughout the new year.

Looking back, it sure was a heck of a year for us, with selling the house, moving 900 miles, starting a new job, finding and starting another new job, making new friends, spending lots of time at the beach, snorkeling, indoor rock climbing, kayaking, bike riding, buying a new house and moving again. It's a good thing our hot tub is working now. We need a few good soaks to get ready for whatever 2007 brings.

The following is a video playlist I put together on youtube full of holiday humor, music, and cocktails that I think you'll enjoy.


Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Category 305 - A Shirt that Will Live in Infamy

Category 305 - A Shirt that Will Live in Infamy
In an unfortunate coincidence at the balloon parade during Art Basel, apparently the balloon wranglers were wearing matching white t-shirts with a large red circle in the center, very similar to the Japanese flag. The parade was held on December 7th. A picture of the shirt and more details by following the link.

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Monday, December 11, 2006

Art Basel Photos from flickr

Slide show of photos tagged with Basel and Miami from flickr. I didn't take many pictures myself.

Friday, December 08, 2006

The Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree DIY Club

The Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree DIY Club

Having a holiday party, or taking some food to a party, why not use toothpics and a styrofoam cone and create your own Astro-Weenie Christmas Tree. Take a photo and submit it to the site and maybe you'll make the hall of fame.

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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Critical Miami: Images from Art Basel 2006, pt 2

Critical Miami: Images from Art Basel 2006, pt 2
Looks like there's much better things to see, that we haven't made it to yet.
More images here.

MiamiNights - Miami Beach and Downtown Miami Life and Entertainment � ART BASEL PARTY GUIDE

MiamiNights - Miami Beach and Downtown Miami Life and Entertainment � ART BASEL PARTY GUIDE
The title says it all. After last night's free Peaches show on the beach, I didn't think it could get any better, but a free Supreme Beings of Liesure show in the Design District may really hit the spot after gallery hopping Saturday night.

We hit the show last night after fighting traffic more than usual and almost getting hit by a cop who pulled part way into a parking garage, then started to back up inexplicably. After I calmed down and found parking, we went to the We'll Make a Lover Out of You show, mentioned previously. It was phenomenal. The Colin Christian pieces were much larger scale than I realized from the web shots. The paintings were all hung on walls with really cool graphic design print looking pastel backgrounds to hold them together. Only a few pieces per artist, but absolutely worth the traffic trauma. Part of the reason we went there first was to pick up our reserved tickets for "Matthew Barney: No Restraint" a documentary about Barney's latest collaboration with wife Bjork. Unfortunately our tickets were not there. Not sure if we misunderstood or if the whole thing's going to be sketchy. Hopefully we'll get into the show Saturday.

After the WMALOOY show, we headed toward the beach and the Art Positions containers. Along the way we saw several art events spilling out of various hotel lobbies, passing a fantastic balloon costume/sculpture girl, and several video projections. There was also a truck driving around with video art projected from the inside to the outer sides of it. The Art Positions containers were, jam packed with hipsters, euros, and rich people and not much in the way of interesting art IMNSHO. The containers themselves are shipping containers placed near the beach to create a gallery hop without galleries. There was some performance art around the area and a bar/snack area in the middle. The container that stood out most to me was the only one to make a real effort to transform the space, by making some type of walls that curved and angled with built in viewing ports for small acrylic sculptures. Unfortunately they were having technical difficulties with some of the lighting in the ports and the unintended effect of their transformation was insulation and a lot of heat. We did enjoy the most posh port-o-let's ever with faux marble and topiaries.

We hit the beach early to rest our feet and get away from the crowd. Peaches and her krewe started from atop a lifeguard stand with toy lightsabers and masks marching to the stage. They must have done a good job sneaking up there, or went really early because we were sitting nearby for a half hour before the show started and there was no commotion to indicate their presence. It just looked like some fans had staked out some high ground early to see the show. The show was a tight 1 hour electro rock set. The crowd was a little wierd. I'm not sure if there were too many who didn't know Peaches, or there was too much space on the beach, or it was too early and people hadn't had enough time to drink up, but the energy wasn't what I'd expect. I think Peaches went to Shake Your Dicks Shake Your Tits a little too early in the set and the crowd just wasn't ready. We made our way pretty close and started to get into some good dancing, but not quite the 3am show in New Orleans of 2 years ago, where it felt like at any moment an orgy was about to erupt. She ended the show with some schtick about a naked guy swimming through a boring rich people's art party the night before and wanting to honor the surprize swimmer with a jump in the ocean. Peaches and the Herms raced off stage to the ocean and much of the crowd followed, but noone got naked and jumped in. Few got in past their knees. It was early, and I don't think you can get into the clubs with wet clothes.

We were good and headed straight home so we could work today and see more this weekend. All in all, a pretty damn fine Wednesday evening.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Minty Fresh Records: Free ep download from the Prototypes

Minty Fresh Records
Tasty ep available for your downloading pleasure. New wavey french pop music.

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Monday, December 04, 2006

Art Fag City: The AFC Miami Art Fair Calendar

Art Fag City: The AFC Miami Art Fair Calendar
Becoming overwhelmed by Art Basel Miami this week/end. This summary has potential to help us plan our visits.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Friday Cocktail: Emerald Tablet Courtesy of U'Luvka Vodka

U'Luvka Vodka
U'Luvka has a beautiful and elegant flash-based website. Many of the recipes are quite unique, and suggestions for infusions such as saffron or quince. They also have a section of vodcasts, short videos of cocktails being created. Here's a recipe that I'd never think of on my own:

Emerald Tablet
100 ml U'Luvka Vodka (straight from the freezer)
15ml Green Chartreuse
2 springs Fresh Rosemary

In a brandy balloon (I'm guessing snifter) warm the Chartreuse over a flame. Then add one sprig of rosemary and ignite. Swirl the glass to infuse a smoky rosemary flavour. Extinguish and then strain into a frozen martini glass. Pour over the frozen U'Luvka and stir using a garnish of a spear of fresh rosemary.

Sounds fantastic.