Monday, October 27, 2008

Early Voting in Broward County Florida

I've been really looking forward to getting out and voting early for this election. I figure election day will be a total zoo, so I've done my research on the less publicized elections and issues on the ballot and will be ready to go tomorrow. I also looked up where I can vote. If you vote early in Florida you can go to any of the open polls in your county, so there's a library a few blocks from my house and a different library a few blocks from my work. I decided to swing by the library near work at 1:45 this afternoon to see what it looked like. It's already a total zoo. Cars parked everywhere and a line out the door. Easily hundreds of people (many wearing Obama buttons, t-shirts, etc.) waiting to make their voice heard. Everyone looked to be in good spirits even though some were probably late getting back to work from lunch. I'm sure it helps that it's a beatiful fall day here. The humidity has broken and the parking lot had a fair amount of shade. Don't know when exactly I'm going to be able to vote given the long line. I'll probably start trying on Wednesday after work and if ithe weather's bad or line is too long, I'll just keep trying until the weekend. If I don't vote by the weekend, I'll go before it opens at my local library on Saturday or Sunday and be first in line. I might take the camera back by tomorrow on my lunch break.

Oh, for the locals, click on the title above shows the current wait times at the different Broward County early voting locations.