Friday, July 25, 2008

Ice Comb - a set on Flickr

Ice Comb - a set on Flickr
A new web friend was experimenting with ice molds and it reminded me to post the link to this set of photos of my first attempts with making ice combs with my new ice shaver.
I picked this guy up at K-mart for about $20. I've also seen them at Target. Heck they might be on clearance sale by now. It comes with an plastic cup to make a big smooth ice cube to go in the top compartment. It works well, but you can just use regular ice. The big smooth cube might make a little less noise, but it's still plenty noisy.
The result is snowlike. It's easy to mold. the only problem is frozen fingers.
This was probably the best of the first batch. Don't know why I didn't take a shot with the cocktail in the glass.

Oh yeah, after all that work I really wanted to drink it and not stop for photos. Anyway, it sure kept the drink cold. Maybe I'll have to experiment again. It is Friday after all.

Of course, you could stop by and see Tiare's wonderful cocktails and her first experiment with ice molding.


Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Tiki group to hold hot rod hop

Tiki group to hold hot rod hop
A little press love for the Hot Rod Hula Hop and the FOM, from the Dayton Daily News. Be sure to check the photos from last year's event.

And if you don't already know the Hop is August 8 and 9 in Columbus, OH. Find out more and pre-order your tickets at

San Fermin in Nueva Orleans

Roller Girls, originally uploaded by howieluvzus.

Would have loved to have been at the New Orleans version of running with the bulls. The Big Easy Roller Girls with bull horns chasing men through the streets. I think there was some bar hopping too.

More photos at:

More info at:

Friday, July 11, 2008

Older people try to be so funny at times

Just made me smile!