Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Vintage Barware

Last weekend a simple choice to move one end table from the bar to the kitchen resulted in a complete redecoration of our bar room (the actual bar is unchanged). We've ditched the pepto pink for an icy blue (left the circles on the ceiling, but painted over the most of the pink circles with the icy blue). We also ended up with new display shelves. The new shelves, combined with moving every glass and trinket out to paint and back, and the recent annual xmas list request from my Dad, has be thinking about my barware collection. We will be doing some thinning, most notably we're looking for a good home for our original bar (a gutted 60s stereo cabinet, painted and arted). More on that after we get some pictures. Today, I'm more focused on additions and a couple of new vintage barware sites. These are both very pricey "antique" sites, but that makes it easier for me to look.

Moon Indigo
Excellent quality barware from NYC.

I'd like to find the red version of the leg shaker someday.

I have a red version of this cocktail pick set (the bottles have 3inch metal picks keeping them in place on the bar). No box, but I do have the little cocktail book.

Atlanta Antique Gallery

Give the shaker a spin to mix. Keeps your hands from getting cold when bar tending.

Nice set

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