Friday, April 28, 2006

Friday Cocktail: Caipirinha

Caipirinha - Learn how to prepare caipirinha.

Just had the best Caipirinha Tuesday evening at Samba Sushi before the Winton Marsalis concernt. So, thought I should share:
1 lime
1 tbsp sugar (or simple syrup)
2oz cachaca (Brazillian Rum)
Cut lime into about 8 wedges, place in rocks or old fashioned glass and muddle with the sugar/simple syrup. Add ice and cachaca and stir. Cachaca is becoming more and more popular, so you shouldn't have trouble finding it. Mr. Martini from behind the bar show (check out his podcast) recommends Agua Luca. Agua Luca had a really nice website with some wonderful sounding recipes and some cool songs you can download.



Mike S. said...

Ahh, as warm weather returns, I look forward to mixing up some Caipirinhas again. I really find the abrasive granulated sugar really helps break up the lime more than syrup. I also use a little more sugar (2 tablespoons) because I find the limes I get locally are not as sweet as in other areas.

Anonymous said...

Receipt of Caipirinha


- 1/2 Lemon (1 is better)
- 1 Tablespoon of sugar
- 4-6 cl of Cachaça Gabriela
- Ice Cubes

How to do it

Slice the lemon in two or four pieces. Put the sugar in a glass and squeeze together the lemon pieces with a pestle. Then, add Cachaça Gabriela in the glass and stir it to mix. Add the ice and stir again.