Thursday, August 24, 2006

Brain Teaser


Can you get everyone across the river?

1. Only the adults (Mother, Father, or Police Officer) can operate the raft.

2. The Mother cannot be left with the either boy without the Father.

3. The Father cannot be left alone with either girl without the Mother.

4. The thief (gender irrelevant) cannot be left with anyone other than the Police Officer.

5. Only two people on the boat at a time.

Click the blue circle to start, click the person you want to add to the boat, when you want to make a crossing, click the red knob on the other side of the river.


nobody said...


glabrous3 said...

Like cannibals and missionaries, but with more variables

Leanimal said...

I'm a little caught off gaurd by the fascist salutes at the end. But alas it entertained me anyway,