Monday, November 20, 2006
In a follow-up to my previous post about the Dead Schembechlers, the band was put in a very awkward situation when former Michigan coach Bo Schembechler passed away the day before the game. The band's site is currently down due to the amazing amount of publicity they had generated prior to the enormous game Saturday. However, their myspace page is up. It's nice to see the unfortunately named band handled the situation with class.

The group played the largest Hate Michigan Rally in history on November 17th, selling out the Newport Music Hall with over 1500 people attending. It was an emotionally charged evening with the shocking news of the death of the band's namesake, Bo Schembechler, coming earlier in the day. The band announced at a press conference prior to the show that they would drop the current band name out of respect to Bo and the Schembechler family if they continued in the future. They also announced all band profits from the show inluding those of Watershed and B.A. Baracus would be donated to a charity of the Schembechler family's choosing. The show was the most incredible in their history as the crowd continually cheered for Bo, the band led a final cheer for him aand dedicated the entire event to "the most valiant foe OSU has ever faced."


asil said...

i didn't recognize the schembechler name until after your first post, and i did my grad school at u of m. just goes to show just how much of a violin geek i am (which i'm in the process of changing...)

experiment33 said...

He wasn't the coach when you were there. He retired while we were still in high school, though he was legendary.