Friday, January 26, 2007

YesButNoButYes: Fictional Sitcom Employers For Which I'd Love To Work

YesButNoButYes: Fictional Sitcom Employers For Which I'd Love To Work
The fine Aquaman over at YesButNoButYes wrote a thought provoking (in a juvenile way) post about what sitcom employers and jobs he'd like to have. Got me to thinking about my own list.

1. Bartender - Regal Beagle - Three's Company
I'll start with one that Aquaman also wants, but he really nailed it. Lot's of sitcoms have bars, but this would definitely be the best, never too busy, good looking clientele, etc. I'd love hearing Larry and Jack mack on the ladies. I definitely would not want to tend bar at Cheers. Sam gets dibs on all the best looking women and everyone just drinks beer except that prick Frasier. I'm torn about the bar in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia, might be too much fighting, plus the tips would be terrible.

2. Handyman - Facts of Life
You know a nice manly influence around the house. Come to think of it, I don't really remember the show, just that I had a massive crush on Jo, and occasionally Tootie and Blair.

3. Assistant to Jethro - Beverly Hillbilies
Would have been the first member of his entourage, helping him make all his schemes reality.

4. DJ - WKRP in Cincinnati
That show could have used a punk rock dj, right after Johnny Fever's show.

5. Assistant Coach - Coach/First and Ten
Recently saw the complete First and Ten DVDs at a gas station for $10. Why didn't I pull the trigger? I don't remember the coaches much, just the players, so I'll reserve judgment. I could definitely coach with Craig T., Jerry, and Dauber.

6. Latex Tester - VanDeLay Industries
Nuff said

7. Gopher - Bluth Company - Arrested Development
Never a dull moment

8. Member - The A Team
Maybe not a sitcom, but come on. I might have to get some cards made up.

And a few jobs I wouldn't want, but not from the myriad of sitcoms focused on bad jobs:
1. Bank Teller - Beverly Hillbilies
2. Anything - M.A.S.H.
3. Producer - Home Improvement
4. Dishwasher - Alice

Feel free to add your own in comments

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