Friday, July 20, 2007

Friday Cocktail - Velvet Hammer

Velvet Hammer, originally uploaded by chipandandy.

Shake equal parts:

Tia Maria
Heavy Cream

with ice and strain into cocktail glass, or glass slipper. Your choice. This is another one from our Surrealist Sunday. Early on after we decided upon this theme, LuRu got the idea she wanted people to drink from shoes with the surreal symbolism. Onto ebay and we quickly bid on these three darlings, and several others. After winning the auction and realizing that the shipping made the price not nearly as reasonable, we stopped at three. Each couple shared a slipper, and a second creamy cocktail was served in different containers (cliffhanger).

When it was time to decide what to put in the glass slippers, LuRu thought we should drink a warm, salty, creamy drink. Well, Decadent Sundays are supposed to be about the drinks first, so that idea was nixed, but I kept the creamy part. The cocktail itself was a quite lovely desert drink. Not nearly as heavy as I imagined. I'm guessing due to the vigorous shaking with ice. It paired well with the incredible merange desert.

There are tons of variations on the velvet hammer, some using vanilla ice cream, others adding vodka, still others with creme de cacao. You can check out 16 or so of these recipes at ZuckerBlog.

Oh, and Chip added his photos as well as scans of the results of our surrealist parlour games to the Decadent Sundays Pool on flickr. If you want to read any small print, click the icon for all sizes above the picture and choose the large size. Original size is even bigger, but at least on my test case it flipped the image sideways and made it less easy for me to read than the large size.

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