Friday, February 25, 2005

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

The Life Aquatic With Steve Zissou

Probably most of you have already seen the movie (if you haven't do yourself a favor and find it somewhere), but I was just given the soundtrack by my friends Leanne and Casey for my birthday. It's got all the wierd portugese cover songs and a few other greats. But, my favorite is Ping Island/Lightning Strike Rescue Op by Mark Mothersbaugh. The link should play the whole song. It's also now my ringtone. I love how the song starts as a peppy minimalist techno tune, then builds into a fully orchestrated piece replacing the synths and drum machine. It really starts the work day off right.

Thanks Leanne and Casey

BTW - There will likely be several posts today, including a Friday afternoon cocktail.


Casey said...

I keep trying to listen to that song, and I'm having no luck. Could be my new machine just won't play asf's but I hesitate to think that's the case. It's killing me, man. KILLING. After last night I'm craving that song.

experiment33 said...

Go to the movie website, go inside, then find the link to the store, then the soundtrack. The whole soundtrack pops up and you can choose realplayer or windows media. That should work. The link from the blog post works for me on my pc. Also notice they used to sell the shoes direct from the site for only $50. Damn, I should have checked this out sooner.

doorknob said...

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test said...

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Signed - Really Experiment 33, not test

glabrous3 said...

The first part of the song was the best. I like this one more than the David Bowie covers. When I was watching the movie, actually thought that this song was a parody of either Euro-disco or 70's adventure movie soundtracks.