Saturday, September 24, 2005

Saturday Morning and All's Well in Baton Rouge

Just a quick note to let you all know that we're doing fine here in Baton Rouge. We're on the eastern side of the storm this time, which means much more rain. Winds seem similar to Katrina, but blowing in a different direction. Hopefully most things that could be blown down were already taken care of by Katrina. We lost power sometime in the night, but obviously it's back on now. Hopefully it will stay on and we'll just end up with a relaxing weekend just staying inside with the kitty. Maybe that's what we needed anyway.

LSU was scheduled to have a pretty big football game here this evening. Thursday night, the powers that be decided to reschedule for Monday night. When I got off work early Friday I called a friend to go to lunch (we had already completed all our storm preparations). While we were at lunch he was saying that it was ridiculous that they hadn't cancelled classes for Monday, so the traffic and parking was going to be insane. Obviously, you can't cancel classes for a football game, but he figured that they were going to have to cancel classes for "hurricane damage". Sure enough, by the time I got home, I checked my email and there was a message for faculty and staff the the facilities services folks anticipated they would need 2 days to clean up from the storm, so classes are cancelled for Monday. Hopefully it won't rain too much and we can all get our tailgate on.

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c wayne said...

It's Saturday, all is well and the harlan rock show is still on for this evening!

Harlan is John Norris, Casey McAllister, Scott Campbell, Britt King, and John Bossier.
Tonight at Red Star!!
Free Vodka Redbulls from 10 to 11 !