Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Woo Hoo! Recognized by we make money not art:

My post about Flexi/cardboard/oddity records was reblogged at one of my absolute favorite blogs, we make money not art.

It's lead to a ton of new traffic here at experiment 33 and I thought I should mention to the new visitors, that the blog usually resembles we make money not art, boingboing and to a lesser extent coolhunting. However, being based out of Baton Rouge, the recent posts have been hurricane related. When I started the blog in February, I intended to post at least one thing that I thought one of my favorite sites would find interesting that they hadn't yet posted, so pick up my feed and come back. I'm working back to posting more and more of the web curiosities we all love.

Since the recent posts are so text heavy here's something more visual:

"Gossip" by Janet LuRu kinetic sculpture/installation

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