Thursday, February 16, 2006 - Lingering Myths about Generation X - 2/1/2005 - CA503868 - Lingering Myths about Generation X - 2/1/2005 - CA503868
4 Myths Refuted with census data such as:
1. Generation Xers are, and always will be, outnumbered by other generations

depends on definition of when the generation starts and ends (least interesting part of article)

2. Gen X is overeducated and underemployed (a.k.a. "slackers")

We are more educated, but even adjusted for inflation, we are doing better. There is some discussion of attitudes toward work, money and stability.

3. Generation Xers will live with their parents longer

Refuted with data that shows us to be more likely to own homes at a young age than boomers were. Doesn't really speak directly to living at home though. Not that there's anything wrong with that.

4. Generation Xers favor intangibles over possessions

Weak data statistically (just not very compelling, it is accurate), but we all know we buy plenty of stuff.

1 Myth not refuted:
Gen X is cynical


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