Friday, February 24, 2006

Experiment 33.1

Hello everyone, today Experiment 33 has it's first anniversary. Doesn't make any sense to change to Experiment 34, so we'll go software style and call it Experiment 33.1 not that there are any changes (yet). It has been one hell of a memorable year. Here are a few memories from this blog:

Something New: Introductory post, "Why should you care? I don't know. That's part of the experiment, figuring out if anyone will find this, and if anyone will care. The other part is to see if I can really find something interesting every day that doesn't come from my usual sources." Well, tracking software has shown that I've had visitors from around the world with a regular visitor from Italy and Sweden. I've had a post linked from We Make Money Not Art and something I didn't post, but submitted to boingboing got a lot of traffic coming this way. So some have found this. As far as anyone caring, at least a few asked when I'd start up again during my hiatus. As for, finding something interesting to post from outside the usual sources, I did keep it up all year minus the moving hiatus and anytime I posted something from one of my no no list, I also posted something else. So, I feel it's been a success.

Stanford Prison Experiment: First real post

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou: Third post. I promise not to repost everything in one long post really. This one is interesting because I still get traffic from people searching for the Ping Island Lightning Strike song. The link to the song still works. Unfortunately the ringtone is no longer available.

Manhattan Cocktail: First Friday Cocktail

Call Now! Citizens Against Killer Robots: First of several posts about culture jamming and graffiti

Eurobad '74: It's still there

transmissionII:airborne: Indirectly inspiring of the Solid Ground Overhead video project that we will be finishing after Mardi Gras.

Art of Science Competition/Gallery: "The quintessential Experiment 33 blog post." I stand by that statement.

Kinky shopper KOed by vibrating knickers | The Register: I loved this post

ScrapHouse: Several posts about energy, housing, and design throughout the year and this one stands out to me.

Threadbared: Perfect reason for a retrospective. I forgot about this link. Now it's bookmarked/rssed again.

Baton Rouge Art Car Parade is Coming: Well, Katrina and Rita had something to say about that, but it's been rescheduled for April 1.

Hipster Zombies vs Nights of the Nerd Table: Ha Ha Ha

bigeasyrollergirls-dot-muthafuckin-com: This post almost led to the establishment of a Baton Rouge Rollergirls. A quick check on the rollergirls website shows practices are scheduled and they've received support from Rollergirls from around the country. I wear my NO Rollergirls t-shirt with pride to the beach.

BILLYHARVEY.COM: Probably the neatest website I saw all year in terms of design and interaction. I bought the cd based on the website and enjoyed it.

MyOpenBar: When I first posted this it was a listing of open bars in NYC only, but they had plans for LA, Chicago, and Miami. They've added LA so far, so maybe I'll get to use this eventually.

And then there were the Katrina Posts: If you're interested just go to the August and September Archives.

Greetings from New Orleans: An Experiment in Found Art: The weird coincidence of my grad school advisor's son taking my picture at Mardi Gras and making it part of his art project. I have never met my advisor's son.

Friday Cocktail - Back
with a Bang: Didn't feel right posting cocktails during Katrina, but then I found TikiBarTV. Just checked and they have new vids up.

The Internet Museum of Flexi / Cardboard / Oddity Records: The post that sent tons of traffic this way via We Make Money not Art

Cocktail of the Week: Amore Dolce: One of the best Cocktails of the Week that I had never tried before, but tested after posting. I did edit the recipe to 1 shot campari, 2 shots raspberry vodka, 1 lime, sugar (optional) and soda. Use a highball glass, muddle the lime with or without sugar, mix campari and vodka, top with crushed ice in highball glass, top with soda (or tonic, or sprite, or ginger ale).

Weight Watchers recipe cards, circa 1974: Shiver

This is where the blogging got sporadic and the hiatus for travel, selling the house, and moving happened. All of January's posts were move related.

And you can see all the current posts still. I expect there will be more youtube in the future since we didn't get DirecTV hooked up here in South Florida. I'd like to do a redesign soon, but no promises. I've decided not to care about reposting from my main sources, but I promise not to get lazy. Also, I don't promise a post a day at work anymore, but things are still slow as I start the new job.

Thanks for checking in, and of course...


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