Friday, June 17, 2005


This blog is devoted to scanning images from vintage sewing patterns, but that really doesn't do the site justice. See for yourself:

"Whoops! Are these my pants or yours? Oh yeah, that's right! It doesn't matter!"

"Unisex Pull-On Drawstring Pants™ - For The Couple Who Needs Easy Access.

In Case They Want To Have Sex With Each Other.

In An Alleyway Or Something.

Or Heck, Even Right Here On This Cobblestone Street.

Which Might Hurt A Little Bit.

What With The Cobblestones And All.

Unisex Pull-On Drawstring Pants - What Could Possibly Be Sexier Than Unisex Pants? "

Early 70s Precursor To The Evil That Is Anne Geddes.
"What happens when the Big Green Pepper finally meets Lady Friend? And they lay down together for a nap and hug each other in a special way?

Are you sure you want to know? "

And one more:
I'll Be Out of the Bathroom in a Second, Mom

"This has more of a "this one time when I was delivering pizzas, I got this call for a house over on St. Andrews. I rang the doorbell and these three girls answered. They didn't have enough cash for the pizza, so I told them we could work something out" kinda vibe. But I mean, really, when three girls prance around with an "EASY" sign over their heads, who can blame him?"
That one's part of a larger post full of 60's sexiness. I could get lost in this site for a looong time.

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