Friday, June 17, 2005

The Friday Cocktail - New and Refreshing

Cool Hunting: Refined Refreshment

Earlier in the week, I noticed this post on Coolhunting about how the Pimm's cup is becoming a popular drink this summer, taking over for last summer's mojito's and capirinhia's. I've never had a Pimm's cup, but it sounds right for this weekend, so I'll be sure to get the ingredients. The main ingredient is Pimm's No. 1 a low alcohol (50 proof) gin infused with a secret mix of herbs. Pimm's has made 6 variations, though only No. 1 and 6 remain (6 is vodka based, the others tried other liquors). Although I've never had one, I heard about the Pimm's Cup a long time ago and I thought it was just Pimm's and Ginger Ale garnished with a cucumber spear. However, in researching this there are apparently a myriad of variations, all simply calling themselves Pimm's Cups. So, I plan to experiment with variations using the following bases: ginger ale, lemonade, ginger ale, lemon/lime soda, tonic, and soda water. I'll also try some variations on garnish including: cucumber, mint, lemon, lime, apple, and possibly other fruits. Regardless, I'll start with a shot of Pimm's No. 1 in a highball with lots of ice. Will report back next Friday.



c. wayne said...

Part of the "Favorite Drinks" menu I mentioned in the other drink blog. Note: the Pimm's cup recipe on the back of the Pimm's #1 bottle is not the one to go with.

experiment33 said...

Everyone seemed to like the Pimm's cup fairly well. I didn't even notice the recipe until I read your comment (Monday). My variations pretty much used a large shot of pimms, squeeze of lemon and or lime, fresh mint, cucumber, splash of lemonade (or not) and sprite. I really liked the cucumber. It was pretty sweet, but in a crisp way, not a syrupy overpowering way like most sweet drinks. I'll keep it in the repetoire, but doubt that I'll make a point of suggesting them. It was a nice cocktail for drivers as it was low in alcohol content.

experiment33 said...

Oh, and what's up on the Red Star drink menu front?