Friday, June 03, 2005

One Free Minute

One Free Minute

Call now and have your voice heard this afternoon between 5-7pm est on the Oval on the campus of The Ohio State University (the Oval is OSU's larger more central version of the Parade Grounds for the LSU familiars). The sculpture itself looks great. You can hear a few early archived entries on the website. Here's a bit of the concept from the artist:

"The principal intent behind One Free Minute is to investigate how public discourse, and the human communication that makes it possible, has been changed by technology. Cellular phone technology has brought private space into the public realm, metering human interaction in billed by the minute increments. One Free Minute takes this technology and uses it to break the soundscape of public space with unpredictable acts of improvised, anonymous free speech."

Via Rhizome

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