Friday, March 14, 2008

Friday Cocktail - New York Sour

CocktailDB: The Internet Cocktail Database | New York Sour
Thanks to my friend Joe, aka Leisure Master, I've got to try the New York Sour this weekend. It's a simple classic that I've somehow missed:

2oz Bourbon or Rye
1oz Lemon Juice
1tsp sugar

Shake with ice and strain into a sour glass.



Anonymous said...

you are missing perhaps the most important ingredient . . . a float of red wine! this recipe is simply a "whiskey sour".

experiment33 said...

I feel so stupid. You're totally right anonymous. I used the cocktail db recipe and they didn't list the wine in with the ingredients since it's a float, and I totally skipped it. Now I'll have to try again with a float of Claret/Bordeaux. And while I looked it up I see that if you add an egg white it becomes a Continental Sour.