Monday, May 02, 2005

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things

Boing Boing: A Directory of Wonderful Things
Had a fantastic long weekend with family and friends including multiple birthday parties, a fabulous art show and post-party, one of the best ever weather days at the jazzfest, and the new Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy movie. Thoroughly enjoyed the movie, though it was nothing special, just a perfect retreat from reality on the one rainy afternoon we had while I was off.

I try not to post things that have been posted on boingboing (and several of the other sites in my list in the right column). However, since I've been gone and am now catching up both at work and on the blog, I thought I'd highlight several recent posts that I know some of you will find interesting:

  • "Exquisite Crops" project - take the surrealist exquisite corpse game and update it via photoshop and the "crop" tool.
  • Time Traveler Convention at MIT - instructions on how to inform time travelers of the coming convention and how it will surely grow to woodstockesque proportions as more and more time travelers get the word
  • The President sings "Imagine" and "A Walk On The Wild Side" - surreal mash-up of words clipped from W's speeches to sing both "Imagine" and 'A Walk on the Wild Side". I have gone to the site and downloaded the whole album and am listening to it as I post.
  • 7m-high electrical garbage statue made from one Briton's lifetime's waste - The average Britton throws out 3.3 tons of electronic waste in a lifetime. This amount of electronic waste was used to make a really intrigueing sculpture.

    Now, back to our regularly scheduled postings.

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    cookie said...

    Glad to hear it was such a lovely weekend. No jazzfest for me this year, but i did do lafayette's last sun and br downtown's very own festforall this sun. bought good jewelry and saw the some amazing ceramic art-unfortunately wrong handbag today, so I'll post his name tomorrow when i get to his card...hands, hearts, nichos, pin ups, and beatle lyrics. wanted every single piece he had.