Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Movies and Music on the Lawn Returns this Saturday'

27� Mostra BR de cinema
The Movies and Music on the Lawn Series at the Baton Rouge Gallery returns this Saturday night and will run on the last Saturday of the month through October. Bring a blanket or lawn chairs and sit under the stars viewing interesting artistic films with original improvised soundtracks provided by local musicians. Popcorn is free, and other concessions will be sold. Admission is free for gallery members (student memberships are just $20) and $5 for non-members. You might want to attend all the movies because this summer a new episode or two of a sci-fi serial, so the membership might be the way to go. This month's musicians are: Bill Kelley, Cheney Hotard and John Norris. BTW the musicians are not set for every month, so if you would like to participate leave a comment, or email me at (I sleep with the event coordinator). This month's movies include: American film shorts: "“Annabelle Dances" (1897), "“The Gypsy'’s Warning"” (1913), and "Petticoat Camp" (1913), as well as the first episode of "The Power God" (1925). Links go to the IMDB page for each film. I'm not certain about the Annabelle Dances link, there are several hits for Annabelle Dances with similar dates. Which leads to the main blog link which I found doing a google image search for Annabelle Dances (none of the other titles yielded any interesting results).

The image comes from Wildfire (2002) a

"Re-interpretation of Annabelle Dances, the film that Thomas Alva Edison colored by hand in 1894. Four ballerinas clad only in flames, dance to the sound of music by Philip Glass. Their movements are made with the assistance of digital IT."
Hope to see you Saturday night.

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experiment33 said...

BTW, BREC will mosquito bomb the lawn prior to the show.