Monday, August 22, 2005

The Great Queers of History

So I click this link titled: Song Meanings at Songfacts figuring it might make a good follow-up to last weeks song lyrics database. Instead, this page listing "Great Queers of History" which makes a good follow-up to last week's post about the qfilmfest. I have no idea how accurate this site is. As for the filmfest, I think it was great. We volunteered cleaning overgrown lots in Old South Baton Rouge Saturday morning and the heat wiped us out. We made it to the fest just in time for the start of the final film "Adam and Steve". Ran into Jaime who was working his butt off, then headed into the theatre. It was our first time inside the Manship theatre and it's beautiful and intimate. It's also surprisingly small. So small that there were no seats to be had. We found a section in the balcony without seats against the rail and were able to sit on the floor and comfortably see. We asked an usher who said it would be fine and we were not blocking access to the seats. After about 30 hillarious minutes of the film, we were asked to leave by another usher. Apparently this happened to lots of people. So, it looks like the event was a success, even if it didn't go so well for us. We'll definitely rent "Adam and Steve" when it comes out.

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cookie said...

i got there for the opening films, stayed for 2 cause one of the organizers actually told me the 3rd was fairly tedious, then had to go hear two banger at the ivanhoedown. i would have loved to have kept me seat up to Adam and Steve then go to the fab party up da stairs, so consider me when you do get a & s to rent, i'd love to watch it with yall. surpised based on the morning that there were no seats, but then there was a huge party to kick it off the night before...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz