Wednesday, August 31, 2005

A sliver of news of the Marigny/Bywater

Metroblogging New Orleans: Flooding Predictions Overblown
In an update from a more general post about flood predictions from just this morning a sliver of news of the Marigny/Bywater area, where most of our New Orleans friends live:

Update: Just heard from a stalwart who rode it out in his Bywater house, on Dauphine St. between Clouet & Louisa. There is NO water on Dauphine right now.
You never can tell with blogs, but there's hope.

Here's a forum specifically for the Marigny/Bywater from where there is similar post, though it may really be the same poster.

And, since Rod and Greg's car is at the airport:
KENNER (AP) - The New Orleans International Airport has reopened to allow humanitarian flights in and out, officials said Wednesday.

The flights at Louis Armstrong International Airport will take place only during daylight hours. The airport gave no indication of when commercial flights might resume.

Officials said the airport has no significant airfield damage and had
no standing water in aircraft movement areas. The airport sustained damage to its roofs, hangars and fencing, officials said.
hard to say how that relates to parking, but it's something.

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