Tuesday, December 06, 2005

BURO VORMKRIJGERS--> home of the Pong Clock !

BURO VORMKRIJGERS--> home of the Pong Clock!

24 hour game of pong where the left player sucks, but always scores on the hour, while the right player is pretty good and always scores on the minute. New game starts at midnight. Unfortunately not available in time for xmas and no price is set, however "It will be a reasonable price for a designer clock, and NOT outrageously expensive." We'll see about that. The good news is there is a free screensaver download for windows. To get to the clock and screensaver, follow the link above, then select portfolio on the right, then show all and scroll to find the thumbnail of the pong clock, or check out some of the other great designs.

Via Information Aesthetics

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