Friday, December 02, 2005

Comic 1 : Adventures in Synthetic Biology : Nature

Comic 1 : Adventures in Synthetic Biology : Nature
For a friend and occasional commenter glabrous3. Is this funny? I really haven't checked it out. Flash isn't working on this temporary cpu I'm using.

Via Eyebeam reblog


Anonymous said...

It's actually pretty interesting and well done. Funny. I don't think so. But entertaining and intellectually stimulating for someone that doesn't know about DNA engineering...for sure.

glabrous3 said...

Sorry it took me so long to post, but I was out of town.

This comic is propaganda for the synthetic biology team at MIT. (Read about it here:

Synthetic biology is a very interesting field because it tries to tackle problems normally asked by those in developmental biology, but from the inside-out. A central question of developmental biology is how does mere gene (and/or protein) regulation determine form? Traditional developmental biology attempts to answer this question by observing existing systems and trying to divine the mechanisms that govern these systems. Syntheitic biology (a relatively new field - I hadn't heard of it until the Wired article actually) is concerned with the same overall question, but it attempts to answer it using human-designed de novo methods.

The comic is well done artistically, though I could do without so much abstraction in explaining the concepts.

I wonder how you came across this.

experiment33 said...

I found it via Eyebeam reblog which is an art/technology blog.