Friday, July 28, 2006

I'm still here

When you move across country for a job, it should come as no surprise to find it cutting into your blogging time. Just wanted to quickly check in and let you know I'll be back to my usual schedule soon. I've got my first big deadline on Monday and I've really been working hard to make it. A few random things kicking around in my head:

Clerks II was hillarious! The wheels kind of fall off as they resolve the conflicts of the movie, but plot is not what I'm looking for in a Clerks movie. Beware of Pillow Pants!

Who wants to be a Superhero was a lot better than I ever expected. Didn't turn it on until about half way through and was really dissapppointed to see the cast was chosen and they were moving into their "secret lair." I only wanted to see the audition part, where people dressed as "underwear perverts" as boingboing likes to call them try to convince Stan Lee they should be on the show. They were already into the standard reality show setup of challenge then elimination, but the challenge was great. They tell the superheros the challenge is about changing into their costumes discreetly and getting to a place quickly. The real challenge is to notice a young girl who needs help along the way and to do anything for her. Only three out of thirteen superheros notice the little girl, but the best is that two of the three who notice do so because they run slow (one because she's a big girl, she goes by Fat Momma, and the other because her costume has very high heels). The other one who notices probably only does so because he's embraced the cheese of the comic book superhero and stops and poses every so often. As luck would have it he stops to pose within earshot of the girl. I loved watching the superheros who missed the girl find out what the real challenge was. Stan Lee is pretty amusing too in his over the top interactions with the heros. Don't know if they can keep it up, but I'll be watching again.

The show on after it has a lot of potential too. I'll have to look it up though cause the name is long and ridiculous, but it's some kind of sci-fi horror spoof with a bad 80s Dr. Who hospital twist. It conflicts with It's Always Sunny in Philladelphia though so hopefully I'll catch it another time.

Diggin the new peaches album and a recent release by the Rakes.

I'm finding it a little bizzare to hear about the heat wave, but live about as far south as I can go and thinking the weather's been great, not much different than Baton Rouge except with an ocean breeze.

Speaking of living in Miami, another new thing for me is living in a place with such a large Jewish community. Today in the paper there was a full-page add urging Jewish men to wear a leather box strapped to their arm in support of Israel. I'll be watching to see if that happens much.

Also been on a health/active lifestyle kick lately that shows no signs of slowing. We're both practically addicted to indoor rock climbing, going 2 or 3 times a week for over a month now, and slowly working our way up in difficulty level. Also swimming and we went kayaking once which was really great. I want to eventually buy some kayaks and use them to paddle out to snorkeling locations. This area is the worlds beach dive capital meaning you can find great snorkeling/scuba diving from the beach without a boat.

Well that was more than I intended and I left a lot out. Not sure if there will be a Friday cocktail or not. Probably depends on how my writing goes today. If I don't get to one, I suggest a crisp gin and tonic as a classic that shoudl hit the spot this warm evening.


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