Sunday, July 02, 2006


For some reason I got geeked up about fixing the February redesign, and went overboard. I hope you like some of the new features. The new left sidebar contains most of the fun stuff. Top left are my pictures (had been on the right. The next section of cocktail recipes came about because I recently subscribed to a bunch of cocktail blogs (will add those shortly) and realized that I didn't have something to say about all the recipes I'd like to share and/or remember for myself, so I found a way to just tag pages/posts in my that would then automatically add them to the sidebar. I'll still highlight recipes when I have something to add, or one's I make up myself, or get from books, in the main content area, but there should always be a dozen or so recipes to try in the left column. Below that is my Google calendar, which I'm using to try to track all the arts and cultural events I'd like to attend (no guarantee I'll go to any). Google calendar doesn't let me change the color yet. Then we've got the links (I'll have to add the cocktail blogs soon, but this was plenty of work for now). Over on the right I've added pictures from other people that I find amusing. If you have a flickr account and want one of your pictures to show up there, try tagging it with e33 and see if it works. There's a new subscribe button that takes you to a page to quickly add Experiment33 to many common rss readers. Then the Zoomclouds that I added a few months ago and some searching and stats stuff.

Hopefully, the left and right columns stay fixed in their position and width and the middle column will adjust itself to fit your window. You should also be able to finally see my whole banner that I made a while ago, but didn't show correctly. I've only tested in firefox and internet explorer on a pc, so any mac users or other browser folks please let me know if it doesn't look right. I am having a couple of problems that I know of, that I'll be looking into. In firefox the background color sometimes shows corectly in a dark burgundy color, but usually is white. In internet explorer the columns don't always size correctly. That's what I'm aware of.

Please comment and let me know if there's anything else not working, or that you think I should add.

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experiment33 said...

I think I've fixed the firefox background color problem. I think I'm going to leave the inetrnet explorer column resizing problem as is because it looks to me like all that happens is I loose the small burgundy space between the main and right columns when the window is made too narrow. Since it looks like the text still flows correctly, I'm not sweating that detail.