Friday, October 14, 2005

BR: Art and Hip Hop Tonight

Ann Connelly Fine Art
through November 12

Ann Connelly Fine Art present

Still Life
Opening tonight from 6 - 9

whereby 100% of the proceeds will benefit
“The Hurricaine Katrina New Orleans Recovery Fund“
through The Baton Rouge Area Foundation.

Select works by:

Robert Bean, Lisa diStefano, Clark Derbes, Amy Dixon, Jill Hackney, Robert Hausey, Libby Johnson, Kelli Scott Kelley, Bernard Kilchmann, Janet Link, Dede Lusk, Jamie Meeks, Joseph Poche, Karoline Schleh, Saliha Staib, James Vella and Donna West

Red Star

Paintings and Photographs by Rick Dobbs

LSU Union
Some kind of event by the LSU Hip Hop Coallition at 10pm. This comes via a comment on the BR Gallery website, so there's not much info, but it might be worth a look/listen.

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cooky said...

ooh hip hop coalition? who knew? hope i see yall earlier maybe we can talk about going.