Friday, March 03, 2006

Can Anyone Explain This?

YouTube - Kimi wa Petto 8 (4/4)
It's Friday night, we're waiting for dinner to be done, so we're cruising Youtube highest rated videos and we find this. It seems to be a segment of a Japanese drama, but it's on the humor channel (and others). The start seems like a funny set-up about a guy and his dog (think Best in Show), but then switches to Avant Guarde dancing. Get past that. Then, there's a dramatic? scene with a jpop song overlayed and all this crazy text all over the screen. Is it advertising? Is it "Everything Bad is Good For You" hyper-rewatchability factor? Did someone add it to "f" with me?

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Pudd said...

Yo Don I just watched this with my friend Sanae, who is from Japan. The name of the show is translated as "You are my pet." It's a weekly TV drama that features all famous actors and actresses. The dancer is in a popstar boy band- he's singing the song in the dramatic scene in the hallway- with the great lyric "Groping around just won't do anymore". The actress is in "The Last Samauri" with Tommy Cruise.

Now Sanae wants to see what happens on episode 9!