Monday, June 19, 2006

Beware: Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray

Beware: Coppertone Sport Continuous Spray
A rare product reviw here at experiment33, be very careful if you try this spray on sunscreen. Having lived at the beach for 5 months now, we decided to try this sunscreen so we wouldn't have to rub sand into our skin every time we reapply. I burn fairly easily, but have been very careful since we moved. I've been out in the sun tons though. I've been burned twice and each time I was fooled by the spray on sunscreen. The problem seems to be that the stuff feels cool as you spray it on and I think I'm covered. I've got the wierdest burn line right now. If you try this, have someone else spray you, preferably someone who would feel awful if you got burned, maybe they'll do a better job. Even though I could go this route, I'm going back to the lotion.

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glabrous3 said...

I have had wierd problems with this product as well. It leaves "streaks" of protected and unprotected skin, which is kinda ugly and potentially painful. I now stick with the traditional lotion - spf 50 of course.