Saturday, June 10, 2006


Last Saturday night we checked out the first Miami Laptop Musician's battle at Churchill's Pub. The battle is set up tourney style with competitors limited to about 3 minute sets head to head, one winner moves to the next round. The idea was great and the music had it's moments. I hoped for more visual interaction, but it was the first time and I sure as heck couldn't do what they were doing. Highlights included:

fake scratching a real record in time witht he laptop scratching, followed by breaking the record

neat wolf mask and indian dancer

they guy who rapped about liking vagina and set his laptop up then joined the crowd


slam dancing, didn't this go out already? is it ironically back? laptops and slam dancing?

pee on the women's room floor/and elsewhere (via report from LuRu)

Check out the video from the Seattle Laptop battle to get a taste.

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