Saturday, June 10, 2006

My NikeID Sneakers Arrive!

NikeID Sneakers - a photoset on Flickr
Last june I designed some sneakers at but I never ordered them. Since I lost my good sneakers in the move, I decided to go back and try again. Here's the design:
To design the shoes, nike has a nice flash application where you pick the style first, then colors for different parts. It all materializes right before your eyes. You can save designs and try different variations. This was about my third try. I ordered the shoes on May 23, and they arrived in a beautiful package on June 8.
And here they are:
The red and gold are both a little brighter than I expected, but overall, I'm very pleased. I also can't believe how fast they arrived. Two and a half weeks for custom sneakers!
Note, the E33 stitched in gold.

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