Friday, June 02, 2006

Friday Cocktails - Hurricane Season Edition

City Link Magazine: Rock You Like a Hurricane
One of the Local weekly entertainment zines posted a list of 13 drinks "to help you weather the storms, power outages, gas lines, cold showers, television withdrawals, price gougers and every other aggravation hurricanes bring." All of them have a dry wit about them and some sound tasty. Click on the link to the photo gallery to scroll through each drink recipe. Picture is of the Category 5

Speaking of pictures, I actually made last Friday's Pop Rocks Martini and took a photo:

That's our friend Lenore in the background. I didn't find any Mango Fruja Liqueur, so I used Xtreme, which is one of those oddly colored French fruit Cognacs (like Hypnotiq). The Xtreme gives it the pink color and I chose it because it did list mango as a prominent flavor. I added a couple of raspberries and blueberries to the glass. The cocktail was very good overall. The pop rocks were fun, but not necessary. I did manage to make the first round in the kitchen by myself, so everyone was surprised. The clean up wasn't as bad as I feared.


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