Tuesday, June 20, 2006

NPR : 'Greetings from New Orleans': Postcards as Art

NPR : 'Greetings from New Orleans': Postcards as Art
Back in September, I posted something about this art project where LuRu and myself were photographed by a stranger who turned out to be my graduate advisor's son. He took the photo (and several others), turned it into a postcard, "lost" it around the city (prior to Katrina), and waited to see which if any of the cards arrived at their intended destination in Ohio. The stories on the back ranged from mundane to bizzare and dark. The series is currently on display at the New Orleans Contemporary Arts Center through July 9, then it will travel to Martha's Vinyard for the Vinyard Gumbo Festival July 17 through 22. The festival is a fund raiser for New Orleans non-profits.

The link above goes to an interview on National Public Radio where Lundgren describes the project and the results.

Here's our postcard:

Click here to read the back.

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