Thursday, April 14, 2005

Study finds racism in French Quarter bars

AP Wire | 04/13/2005 | Study finds racism in French Quarter bars
The study used male secret shoppers dressed similarly and sent them into bars within minutes of each other. The black men received worse treatment 57% of the time. Most of the discrimination was in charging more for the same drinks. There were also phantom dress codes, and pseudo manditory drink minimums. The study is somewhat in response to an incident on New Year's Eve, when a young black man was suffocated to death by bouncers.

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glabrous3 said...
The above link will take you to another interesting story of racism in NO - one where the black DA was found guilty of firing 53 white employees and replacing them with blacks in 2003. Apparently, white people and black people are not able to play well together in N.O.