Tuesday, March 08, 2005

Savage Crafters, Start Your Glue Guns!

The Savage Crafters, Start Your Glue Guns!

Deathmatch Contestant
Wow! "Craft Corner Deathmatch" I don't know if I get the Style Network, but I'll check my TIVO tonight. This show probably looks like our living room around Mardi Gras, or right now actually. Nothing like time pressure when you're working on something artistic. I wonder if there will be any endurance testing of the completed projects. And hot glue really hurts.

And what is this contestant wearing? Is that what she's making? Is it an apron? Is it lingerie?

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Mr. Snitch said...

Next: Jeopardy Deathmatch, Meet the Press Deathmatch, This Old House Deathmatch and especially Antiques Roadshow Deathmatch. And let's see some blood.